Deathly Words

by Spekulativ Fiktion


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'Deathly Words' is a breath of fresh air – an Irish artist with a genuinely original sound that has appeared from nowhere, exhibiting an almost prophetic ability to lay bare the faults and failings of Irish society.' - Goldenplec

'Deathly Words has a tenacity that many rap hip-hop records lack these days. Full of visceral orchestration and percussive electronica, the E.P. sounds a like a combination between The Wolfe Tones and N. W. A .' - The Journalist

'Takes influence from the past, but has no qualms about experimenting in the present, and that's what makes his music stand out.' - Aoife Barry, RTE 2XM/The Irish Times

'A high standard of work from a daring, idealistic new rapper' - Harmless Noise

Thanks to:
- Rayzer for all that recording whenever I was stuck!
- Janicide for being my biggest fan and roady/transport woman extraordinaire.
- Deviant and Mikey Fingers for the melodies and inspiration.
- Jus Me for being the most chilled out dude, playing any gig I ask of you and being the embodiment of positivity in hip-hop.
- All the promoters, bands and artists who I have gigged with.
- Anybody who has ever expressed even the remotest interest in what I do.
- All my fam and friends. You are the fuel that keeps me going.

Enjoy. This EP was a looong time coming. Hopefully I can be a tad more prolific from here on out! New choons on the way soon.

The world is f**ked but it's still here. Make the most of it. Peace & Love


released 10 March 2013

All beats, speaks and live instrumentation by Spek except 'Adrift Upon An Aimless Tide' (Beat by Deviant & Naive Ted) and 'Night Owls' (Beat by Mikey Fingers)
Cuts on 'Night Owls' by Jus Me and on 'It's Dangerous To Dream' by Deviant & Naive Ted.



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